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A Pedestrian has Rights

Everyday, pedestrians are injured by motor vehicles. A person crossing a street or a sidewalk must rely on drivers to pay attention and follow the applicable traffic laws.  These laws include maintaining a proper lookout while driving.  A driver who fails to pay attention puts a pedestrian at risk.  As with any personal injury case, there are many variables involved.  These variables include whether or not the pedestrian was in a crosswalk or obeying a traffic signal.…

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What is a Statute of Limitations?

A statute of limitations is a law passed by a legislative body which sets the maximum time to start a legal proceeding.  If the legal proceeding is not started by a certain date, the legal proceeding is time barred and will be dismissed.  Different types of claims have different statute of limitations.  In order to determine the correct statute of limitation for your claim, you should consult an attorney.  

In certain situations, a statute of limitation can be…

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Cheerleading Concussions

The cheerleading of today is much more demanding and extreme than that of the past.  A cheerleader is required to perform extreme acrobatics many times a great distance from the floor.  A cheerleader is often asked to jump upon shoulders or be tossed.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has identified cheerleading as having one of the highest rates of concussions during practices.  Cheerleading ranks second to boy's football in the number of concussions.  However,…

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Bus Injuries

City buses are not the only type of buses that are involved in accidents.  There are many other types of buses.  Some of the other common types of buses are school buses, tour buses and private buses.  A bus driver is required to have specific training and licensing in order to operate a bus.  A bus driver must not only contend with traffic but with the distractions caused by passengers on the bus. The bus driver must also keep in mind the sheer magnitude  and the…

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Business Interruption Coverage

With businesses currently closed by government order, questions are arising about business interruption coverage in insurance policies.  In order to evaluate a policy for business interruption coverage, an attorney must first review the actual language of the insurance policy.  Wisconsin laws are unique to other states when it comes to interpreting insurance policy language.  Secondly, Wisconsin has specific rules that apply to different lines of insurance that are sold. …

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Referring a Case to Herrick & Hart

At Herrick & Hart, we often receive referrals from other lawyers.  We appreciate the trust and confidence that the legal community places in Herrick & Hart.  There is no greater compliment that we receive as a firm than to receive referrals from other lawyers.  We understand that the modern practice of law is much more specialized than in the past.

As a lawyer who refers a personal injury case, you should be confident that a referral to Herrick & Hart will…

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A State of Emergency in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, we are currently in a State of Emergency as ordered by Governor Tony Evers.  Wisconsin law allows the Governor to issue an executive order for a State of Emergency.  Wis. Stat. 323.10.  A State of Emergency cannot exceed 60 days unless extended by joint resolution of the legislature.  A State of Emergency can also be revoked by a joint resolution of the legislature.

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Evaluating a Personal Injury Case

A personal injury attorney evaluates every case before deciding to take the case on.  In evaluating the case, the personal injury attorney has to assess many factors.  In order for a personal injury case to be successful, many components have to come together.

One of the first assessments made is potential liability.  A personal injury attorney must make a decision on whether a party can be held responsible for causing the injury.  This assessment will be different…

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Trucks are Highly Regulated

A steady stream of trucks comes through Eau Claire County on Interstate 94.   Since truck drivers travel over state lines to move their load they are governed by a complicated system of federal law.  These laws regulate among other things the amount of weight that a truck can haul and the amount of hours that a driver can spend behind the wheel per day.  A truck driver is required to keep detailed records of the time that they are behind the wheel and when they rest.…

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Texting and Teen Driving

One in three teens who text report that they have done so behind the wheel.  Texting behind the wheel is a cause of distracted driving.  Distracted driving is a danger not only to the driver but passengers, other drivers and pedestrians.   A new teen driver lacks the experience behind the wheel of a more seasoned driver.  The teen driver does not yet fully understand just how quickly things can change as a…

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