Wisconsin Law on Injury to a Business

August 2017

Wisconsin law is tough on people who injure another's business.  The law provides that when "Any 2 or more persons who shall combine, associate, agree, mutually undertake or concert together for the purpose of willfully or maliciously injuring another in his or her reputation, trade, business or profession by any means whatever, or for the purpose of maliciously compelling another to do or perform any act against his or her will, or preventing or hindering another from doing or performing any lawful act shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not more than one year or by fine not exceeding $100."  Wis. Stat. 134.01  Not only is injuring another's business a crime, but Wisconsin law also provides for a civil remedy for the loss.  See WI CIV JI 2820.  Those who come together to injure another's business should be aware that Wisconsin law provides these remedies.

At Herrick & Hart, we do not only represent the injured.  We also represent those who have had their business reputation injured by another.  We understand the reputation that people have worked so hard to earn in their chosen business and profession.  We look forward to assisting you assert your rights in a court of law.