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Dog Bite Scars Impact the Wellbeing of the Person Bit

Nearly all dog bites will leave some type of residual scar.  The scars that are left are seldom uniform but have jagged edges and irregular shape.  This makes dog bite scars more noticeable than other types of scars.  Scars that remain on the face of the person bit are the most traumatic and noticeable by others.

A scar remains as a visual reminder of the dog bite.  Common psychological effects that come with a dog bite scar include low-self esteem, anxiety, and…

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Dog Bite Emergencies

A dog bite can be a tragic event.  After a dog bite, the injured person wonders what steps should be taken immediately.  Here are some things to keep in mind:  get proof of the rabies vaccine for the biting dog, clean the bite with soap and water, and if the bite is is severe seek immediate medical attention.  If the owner of the dog is unable to verify that the dog is up to date on the rabies…

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My Child was Bitten by a Dog

Every parent of a young child confronts at some point a dog who is threatening to the child.  Most of these incidents end without harm.  Some, on the other hand, end tragically with life threatening injuries and scars.  As a society, we have made a choice to allow dogs to live with us.  They are traditionally known as "man's best friend."  With that choice that society has made, homeowner's policies typically insure against a dog bite.  Sadly, many of the victims…

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Double Damages for Wisconsin Dog Bites

Dogs are often known as man's best friend.  Howerver, many people each year are the victims of dog bites.  In Wisconsin, liability for dog bites is governed by statute.  Wisconsin is a strict liability state for the purpose of dog bite liability.  The injuries from dog bites are often severe and many times result in nerve damage or scarring.

An owner of a dog who is on notice that the dog has previously bitten someone can be liable for double damages.  This…

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Pit Bulls and Toddlers Don't Mix

A 2016 article in the Journal of Clinical Pediatrics confirms what child advocates have long stated that pit bulls and toddlers do not mix.  The article states that a bite from a pit bull is 3 times more likely to require an operative intervention as compared to another breed.  Pit bulls were also 2.5 times more likely to bite in multiple areas of the body as compared to other breeds.  Pit…

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Wisconsin Dog Bite Law Changes

Last month, the Wisconsin Legislature made significant changes to the law regarding dog bites.  Wisconsin was and still is a strict responsibility state with respect to dog bites.  The law remains that a dog owner is responsible for their dog.  The law has changed with respect to double damages.  Now, in order for a person to recover double damages from a dog bite the injured person must show that the dog in a prior incident bit a person "with sufficient force to break the…

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