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The Impact of a Recall on Product Liability

Manufacturers recall defective products through the prompting of the government or at their own choice.  However, this does not amount to an automatic admission of product liability.  Many courts will allow the evidence of a recall to reach the jury to assist with a finding that the product was defective.  Even with a recall, the plaintiff must still establish the legal elements of a prodcut liability claim.

On the other hand, the fact that the product was recalled does…

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Who is Responsible for Defective Machinery?

Defective machinery can pose a significant risk for serious injury or wrongful death.  A machine that is poorly designed, maintained or manufactured can cause great harm.  Determining if a claim exists for  defective machinery requires a personal injury attorney to investigate the facts of the injury and make decisions as to whether a viable claims exists.  A personal injury attorney can find the relevant standards for the industry in which the machine was manufactured and…

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The Importance of Machine Guards

Machinery has the ability to cause serious personal injury.  The injuries that it can cause include burns, amputations, crush injuries, blindness and even death.  Machine guards can help keep machinery safe and prevent injury.

If you are injured by a machine whether at home or at work, you should take the time to contact a personal injury attorney.  Even if you are injured at work, you may have a claim in addition to the worker's compensation claim against your…

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What Types of Products are Subject to Claims for Products Liabilty?

Basically any product that someone has made that they are in the business of selling is subject to a products liability claim.  There are some well known examples of products liability claims:

- automobiles, such as the claims made against the Ford Pinto,

- farm equipment and machinery,

- lawn mowers and gardening equipment,

- space heaters, fireplaces and furnaces,

- dangerous toys made for children especially those made with lead paint or that…

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Locking Out a Dangerous Machine

A personal injury attorney will at times work on injuries caused by dangerous machines.  Even if an injury occurs at work, an employee may still have a claim against the machine manufacturer or the distributor of the machine.  One of the concerns that is addressed with evaluating a claim against a machine manufacturer is whether the machine was capable of being "locked out."  A machine is capable of being "locked out" if it meets one of the following requirements: …

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Do I have a product liability claim?

This is a difficult question for a lawyer to answer without knowing the facts surrounding the injury. A manufacturer of a product has duty to produce a product that is safe for the user. The product should also not create an unreasonable risk of injury when used in a foreseeable manner. If you have been injured by a product, you should seek the advice of an attorney. You may have a claim for products liability.

In recent years, the law in the State of Wisconsin has been overhauled on…

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