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Eau Claire Criminal Defense

At Herrick & Hart, we have been defending those accused of a crime for over 70years.  We have experienced defense counsel on staff.  If you have been charged with a crime, you should seek the advice of experienced defense counsel.  An experienced attorney can assist you through the complicated criminal defense process.  A criminal charge should never be underestimated because it can result in the loss of liberty.

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Help With Your Criminal Charge

A criminal charge can have many consequences.  A person charged with a crime should seek experienced legal representation.  An experienced lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of your case.  An attorney can recognize defenses to a case that a person who is charged cannot.  An attorney will also have familiarity with the courtroom procedures and processes which can assist with your defense.

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A Strong Defense

When you are accused of a crime, you want a legal team you can trust on your side.  The consequences of being convicted of a crime are significant and can have life changing consequences.  The lawyers of Herrick & Hart have experience in assisting individuals that have been accused through the complicated criminal process.  We can assist you by studying the charges that have been filed and forming a strategy for your…

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Proposed Bill Tough on Drunk Drivers

A proposed bill is working its way through the Wisconsin Legislature.  This bill would revoke the licenses of repeat drunk drivers for 10 years.  The bill would also stiffen other penalties for Operating While Intoxicated.  In any event, the final form of the bill has not taken shape but everyone should expect the drunk driving laws to get tougher.

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Update on Evidence Based Decision Making

More than ever, a criminal defendant faced with taking COMPAS evaluation, should consult a criminal defense attorney.  Eau Claire County and Chippewa County have adopted a novel program which in some instances requires a criminal defendant to take a COMPAS evaluation.  In other instances, pressure may be applied to a criminal defendant to take a COMPAS evalution in order to be considered for more lenient plea deals.

A criminal defendant should be aware that the COMPAS…

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Evidence Based Decision Making

Eau Claire County has adopted a program called Evidence Based Decision Making.  A component of this program is for Defendants to take a Compas Evaluation.  The criminal process is complicated by itself before adding in the Compas Evaluation.  Depending upon your score on the Compas Evaluation, an offer to resolve the case may be changed.  Also, a Defendant cannot be required to take a Compas Evaluation.  A decision should be made between the Defendant and their lawyer…

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