The Importance of Machine Guards

March 2022

Machinery has the ability to cause serious personal injury.  The injuries that it can cause include burns, amputations, crush injuries, blindness and even death.  Machine guards can help keep machinery safe and prevent injury.

If you are injured by a machine whether at home or at work, you should take the time to contact a personal injury attorney.  Even if you are injured at work, you may have a claim in addition to the worker's compensation claim against your employer.  The claim would be against the manufacturer of the machine for a products liability claim.

In evaluating a case with an injury by a machine, a personal injury attorney considers industry standards as well as OSHA rules.  For example, OHSA requires that fan blades less than seven feet above the floor be guarded.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a machine, take the time to contact Herrick & Hart.  We have been on the side of the injured since 1951.  We offer a free consultation in personal injury cases.