Legislation Proposed to Change the Sponsorship Statute - Wisconsin

December 2015

Legislation has been proposed in the Wisconsin Legislature that will change the Sponsorhip statue.  The new bill would limit a parent's liablity for the acts of minors to $300,000.  Under Wisconsin law, an adult is required to sign for a minor to obtain their driver's license.  If a minor causes damage due to negligence or wilful and wanton conduct the sponsor can be held liable for the acts of the minor.  The purpose of the law was to make sure that  minors have the financial means to pay for damages caused in a motor vehicle accident and also the adult who shares responsiblity would provide supervision to the minor.

At Herrick & Hart, we frequently deal with issues involving the sponsorship statute.  If you have been injured by a minor driving a motor vehicle you should feel free to contact us.  We offer a free consultaion on personal injury cases.  The sponsorship statute can be complex and we can provide assistance in sorting out complex legal issues.

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