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Dangers of Using Driver Assistance Systems

Newer vehicles are designed with features to enhance vehicle safety.  One of the features is Driver Assistance Systems.  This new feature may introduce new risks and dangers into driving that did not exist prior to the feature.

One new risk is the false sense of security that the system provides.  A driver is required to use a proper lookout and the system can lead a driver to pay less attention to the road.  The false sense of security can be dangerous and the…

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Self-Driving Cars Causing Collisions

Self-driving cars have been involved in collisions.  Some of the common causes of the collisions include faulty sensors, software malfunctions or inaccurate mapping data.  Further, despite the features in a self-driving car that allow it to work automomously, human drivers can cause accidents by interfering with the controls, misusing features or being inattentive.  Another risk of self-driving vehicles is their vulnerability to hacking and cyberattacks.


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Common Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Here are some common signs of nursing home neglect:

  1. Bedsores -  These are also known as pressure ulcers.  This is an injury where the skin and underlying tissue are injured due to prolonged pressue on the skin.  Bedsores are a clear sign of neglect as they are an indication that the resident was not being moved or turned on a regular basis.
  2. Unexplained Injuries - Injuries such as burns, bruises, broken bones or head injuries that cannot be adequately…

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    What is a Probationary License in Wisconsin?

    A probationary license is a driver's license issued in the State of Wisconsin which is valid to drive within the State and outside of the State.  The purpose is to provide a license to a new driver to gain experience with some restrictions.  For example, a driving hour restriction is placed on a new driver who is under the age of 18.  The restriction limits the hours the new driver can be driving for the first 9 months of driving or until they turn the age of 18.  The…

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    Ways Roundabouts Reduce the Number and Severity of Collisions

    Roundabouts have been shown to reduce collsions and the severity of collisions.  One way that a roundabout reduces collisions is by reducing speeds.  As a driver approaches a roundabout, they are required to slow down before entering.  The slower speed allows for more time for a driver to react.  A roundabout also reduces the numbers of conflict points where vehicles can collide.  With fewer conflict points, the opportunity for vehicles to collide is reduced.  In…

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    Cell Phone Users Driving "Blind"

    Recent research has shown that a driver is more accident-prone and slower to react when they are talking on a celluar phone.  This finding also applies to hands free models.  The research showed that "inattention blindness" caused drivers to be less able to process the visual information they receive and act…

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    Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Prove Personal Injuries

    Magenetic Resonanance Imaging (MRI) is an emerging and powerful radiology test that can provide important evidence in a personal injury lawsuit.  The MRI can reveal the nature and extent of injuries especially those involving ligaments, tendons, and soft tissues

    The MRI scan offers detailed images of soft tissues that are often injured in personal injury cases.  The soft tissue injuries to discs, ligaments and muscles are often not visible on a X-ray or CT scan.


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    Concussion Symptoms You May Not Expect

    A concussion is a serious head injury.  Some of the common symptoms of concussions include short-term memory deficits, difficulty focusing, difficutly concentrating, fatigue, photophbia (light sensitivity), phonophobia (sound sensitivity), sleep difficulty and balance issues.  In addition to the symptoms set out, there are lesser known effects that can occur following a concussion. 

    The lesser known effects include feeling light-headed, fainting spells and increased…

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    Speed Limits are Important

    Speed limits are crucial for those traveling on the road to ensure safety and reduce the risk of crashes, injuries and fatalies.  Lower speeds allow increased reaction time for drivers.  With more reaction time, a driver has additional time to react to hazards, obstacles and changing road conditions.  Further, a vehicle traveling at a lower speed requires a…

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    The Dangers of Texting and Driving

    Texting while driving is extremely dangerous.  Further, texting and driving is against the law in Wisconsin.

    Texting and driving diverts a driver's eyes, hands and mind from the safe operation of a motor vehicle.  A driver has a duty on the road to use a proper lookout and safely manage and control their motor vehicle.

    A driver who texts and drives can face consequences in Wisconsin.  A person can receive a citation that will result in demerit points on their…

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