A Slip and Fall in a Store

October 2016

A common type of personal injury claim is a slip and fall.  A slip and fall claim occurs when a person is on the property of another.  In addition to the common law negligence claims, a person who falls in a store may also bring a claim under the Wisconsin Safe Place statute.  The statute requires a heightened duty on the part of a store owner to keep their business place safe.

A slip and fall injury can happen at anytime.  That is why a store owner needs to be diligent as customers come and go from the store.  A store owner also needs to pay attention to what is going on in the store during the day to make sure that hazards are not created within the store.  An example would be on a day that it snows, a store owner should be aware that customers are going to be tracking in snow and taking appropriate steps to make the store safe.  The parking lot will also begin to accumulate snow and actions should be taken to make sure the parking lot is clear.

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