Chiropractic Malpractice

May 2024

Each day many people use chiropractors to treat back pain and many other conditions.  Many of the people who use chiropractors may not know that some chiropractic adjustments can cause serious injury and put the patient at a risk for stroke.  When a chiropractor uses cervical manipulation to adjust a patient, arteries that provide blood to the brain can be injured.  An improper neck manipulation can cause an artery to tear.  If an artery tears, it can cause an immediate stroke.  

A chiropractor as a professional is subject to a standard of care.  Some chiropractors choose to ignore research that connects cervial adjustments to strokes.  If a chiropractor fails to follow standards and serious injury results, it could result in a case of malpractice.

Other instances of chiropractic malpractice involve failing to obtain informed consent for treatment and failing to find an underlying health condition.

If you have been injured due to the fault of a chirorpractor do not hesitate contact Herrick & Hart.  We have been helping the injured for over 70 years.  

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