Professionals are Held to a Standard of Care

June 2019

Professional malpractice is malpractice commited by someone who is a professional or holds themselves out to be an expert in a field.  Professional malpractice extends past the medcial field to include dentists, veternarians, psychologists and therapists just to name a few of the fields that are subject to professional malpractice.  Accountants are also subject to professional malpractice.  A bad result is not always the foundation of a professional malpractice claim.  A professional malpractice claim is typically founded on a deviation from the standard of care or from failing to follow a rule that governs the profession.


If you been injured or suffered loss due to the malpractice of a professional, feel free to contact the attorneys of Herrick & Hart.  We have been helping the injured for over 65 years.  We will assist in evaluating your claim.  We offer a free evaluation of cases involving professional malpractice.

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