Opening Statements are Part of a Trial

May 2019

A way to resolve a personal injury case is through a jury trial.  A jury trial trial involves choosing jurors to serve on a jury.  After a jury is selected, the parties of the lawsuit are allowed to make opening statements.  The opening statement provides the first opportunity to advise the jurors as to what order the evidence will come to them.  The parties are allowed in their opening statements to advise the jurors what the evidence will show.  The parties are not allowed to argue the case to the jurors in opening statements.  A party may defer their opening statement until after the Plaintiff has presented their case.  Although this is seldom done in a civil case and is more likely to happen in a criminal case.  A party may also show pictures to the jury in opening statements.

At Herrick & Hart, our courtroom tradition of taking cases to a jury trial goes back to 1951.  We have the experience to take your case to trial.  If you have been injured due to the fault of another, take the time to contact us today.

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