Careful What You Sign After an Accident

February 2017

At Herrick & Hart, we often meet with injured persons who have signed documents after being injured.  In many cases, we have to inform them that by signing a document they have settled the case and can no longer pursue an injury claim.  An injured person must remember that the  documents they sign with an insurance company after being injured are legal documents.  We stress that before signing any document or even beginning to negotiate your own case, you consult with a lawyer.  Making a mistake when signing a legal document or not understanding the full legal impact of a document can impair or end your ability to bring a claim for the full value of your injuries.

At Herrick & Hart, we offer a free consultation to discuss your injury claim.  An injured person should take advantage of the offer of a free consultation.  One of the reasons personal injury lawyers offer free consultations is so everyone who is injured will not hesitate to contact an attorney for fear that they will be billed for simply talking to a lawyer.  We want everyone who is injured to take the time to learn all of their rights and not just get one side of the story from the insurance company.

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