Personal Injury Lawsuits Have a Discovery Process

August 2023

After a personal injury lawsuit starts, the discovery process begins.  The discovery process involves the exchanging of  information with the parties involved.  The process of discovery can take different forms.  One of the forms is called interrogatories.  Interrogatories involve written questions that one party sends to another.  Depending upon which state you are in or whether you are in federal court, the number and types of questions allowed can be different.  Another form of discovery is called depostions.  Depositions involve a a party or witness appearing and answering questions under oath.  Since the pandemic, attorneys have expanded the use Zoom in taking depositions.  

Both depositions and interrogatories can later be used as evidence.  There will be specific rules depending upon the jurisidiction as to how discovery can be used at trial.

A trial lawyer deals with the discovery process on a daily basis.  The discovery process is essentially the tools of the trade of a trial lawyer.  The trial lawyer further conducts the discovery process with the goal of preparing their case for trial.

If you have been injured, you will want an experienced trial attorney on your side.  We have been on the side fo the injured since 1951.

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