The Opposing Insurance Company Calls

March 2018

A common practice of insurance companies is to call in injured person soon after they are injured.  An injured person may even get a call the day that they are hurt or shortly thereafter.  An insurance adjuster may be friendly and ask how you are doing.  An injured person may be tempted to trust the opposing adjuster and wish to engage with him in a conversation.  Insurance companies have adjusters make these calls soon after an injury for a variety of reasons.  A legitimate reason is to investigate the claim and verify information.  Other reasons which do not benefit the injured person include: talking to the injured person before they have had a chance to talk to an attorney, questioning them on the severity of their injury before they have had the opportunity to discover the full extent of the injury,and asking slanted or leading questions which benefit the insurance company.

An injured person needs to keep in mind that the opposing insurance company is adverse to your interest.  This means they are not on your team.

At Herrick & Hart, we have been working for the injured since 1951.  Before you hire a lawyer, take time to make the informed choice and consider hiring Herrick & Hart.

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