Let an Attorney Sort it All Out

January 2024

A personal injury attorney deals with many complex accident scenarios.  For example, in a car accident if one person is using or borrowing another person's car and gets into an accident things can get very complicated quickly.  The situation even becomes more complex when you add passengers to the vehicles who are not family members who have their own insurance policy.  There is no need to sort the situation out yourself.  After an accident, when you are injured you have many things to think about besides the legalities of the crash.  Instead of worrying, you should try to focus your energy on healing.  That is why we always recommend contacting a personal injury lawyer for a consultation.  A personal injury attorney can help to take some of the stress and worry out of the situation.

After analyzing a case, the personal injury attorney has a goal to advocate for the injured person.  Further, the personal injury attorney seeks a favorable outcome to the case.

At Herrick & Hart, we have been dealing with complex cases for over seven decades.  We can sit down and take the time to talk with you after a car accident.  You should be aware that the initial consultation is free of charge.

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