Navigating Medical Records

September 2017

A personal injury attorney everyday is called upon to review medical records.  The medical records provide a chronology of medical treatment.  Additionally, they provide important information about an injured person's diagnosis and prognosis.  The medical records also provide the results of any medical testing that was performed after an injury.  While the medical records play a role in a personal injury case, they are by no means the only part of a personal injury case.  A medical record may be influential at trial or persuading an adjuster or attorney to increase a settlement offer.  However, a medical record does very little to document the impact on the life of the injured person.  A medical record also does very little to show how a person was impacted at work after an injury.

At Herrick & Hart, we realize the importance but also the limitations of medical records.  We are experienced in reviewing medical records as part of a personal injury case.  We are also experienced in looking beyond the medical records to bring out the full value of a personal injury case.

Herrick & Hart has been assisting the injured since 1951.  We work to look at your entire case to help you obtain full value for your injuries.  We offer a free consultation on personal injury cases.

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