Change to Wisconsin Sponsorship Law

March 2016

Governor Walker recently signed 58 new bills into law.  One of the bills deals with the liability that may be imputed to a parent or other adult who sponsors a person under the age of 18 in obtaining their driver's license.  Under the old law, the amount of damage that could be imputed was limitless.  With the new law, the liability imputed to the adult sponsors or parents of the young driver for negligent or willful conduct is limited to a total of $300,000 or the limits of insurance coverage under the adult sponsor's or parent's insurance policies.

This bill makes a marked change in Wisconsin law.  The idea behind sponsorship was that the sponsor would keep a close eye on the young driver and make sure they were being safe.  The sponsor was expected to mentor the young driver and help them be a safe driver.  This bill only works to make the sponsor less responsible for the young driver on the road.

At Herrick & Hart, we have experience with the Wisconsin sponsorship statute.  If you have been injured by a young driver you should consider contacting us.  We have been helping the injured from car collisions for over 60 years.  We offer a free consultation in personal injury cases.

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