Texting Truckers

June 2023

In January 2010, the federal government passed a law that prevented bus drivers and truckers from sending text messages while driving.  The legislation came as a reaction to distracted driving.  A distracted driver is one of the top reasons that accidents occur on the road.  Due to the size and weight of a truck on the road, the threat is magnified when a trucker is texting.  A study has shown that a trucker who is texting is more likely to get into a collision than a vehicle driver.

An accident with a truck can lead to serious injury or even wrongful death.  Truck driving collisions are further complicated by the interstate nature of the trucking business and complex insurance policies.


If you have been injured due to a texting trucker, you should consider contacting Herrick & Hart.  At Herrick & Hart, we have dealt with trucking accidents and know many of their causes.  We have been helping the injured for more than 70 years.  We offer a free consultation in personal injury cases.  You should never go it alone in a personal injury case, but instead seek experienced representation.

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