Injured by a Teen Driver

October 2017

At Herrick & Hart, we work on many injury cases which were caused by a teen driver.  In fact, 14% of all motor vehicle deaths are caused by teen drivers.  There are many contributing factors as why teenage drivers cause car collisions.  The main factor would be inexperience.  Although a teen driver may have taken driver's education they have not logged many hours behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.  The teen driver has not experienced many of the situations which a driver can be expected to confront on the roadway.  Also, with the lack of experience of behind the wheel the new driver is still working on their driving skill which they commonly overestimate.

A teen driver is held to the same rules of the road as any other driver.  There are no special rules of the road for a teen driver.  In the State of Wisconsin, a teen driver also has additional conditions on their driver's license.

If you have been injured by a teen driver, you should take time to contact an experienced personal injury attorney.  An experienced personal injury attorney can evaluate your claim and assist you with making decisions as to how to deal with the teen driver and your injuries.  At Herrick & Hart, we have been representing the injured for over 65 years.  We offer a free consultation on personal injury cases.

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