What is the Value of a Personal Injury Case?

June 2019

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question.  No one should tell you otherwise.  Any attorney who tells you that the answer to this question is easy is either guessing or simply trying to tell you what you want to hear.  In order to begin an investigation of  a case a lawyer needs to conduct interviews, review accident reports and review medical records.  The lawyer will have to consider facts and circumstances surrounding the case the nature and extent of the injury, the treating physician's opinions, the loss of wages and any loss of earning potential.  The attorney will also gather medical bills and investigate whether future treatment is warranted.  These items mentioned are often times just a few of the items that an attorney will look into with coming up for a value for you case.

As you can tell from the many variables involved, experienced counsel is a must when hiring a personal injury lawyer.  An experienced personal injury lawyer can investigate the case fully to determine the appropriate value for your case.  Furthermore, you should investigate whether the attorney you are hiring has the trial skills to take the case to a jury trial if needed.  A experienced personal injury attorney can take you through the trial process which is never easy. An attorney who is not willing to take a case to trial will have to settle for whatever the insurance company offers. 

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