Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Prove Personal Injuries

June 2024

Magenetic Resonanance Imaging (MRI) is an emerging and powerful radiology test that can provide important evidence in a personal injury lawsuit.  The MRI can reveal the nature and extent of injuries especially those involving ligaments, tendons, and soft tissues

The MRI scan offers detailed images of soft tissues that are often injured in personal injury cases.  The soft tissue injuries to discs, ligaments and muscles are often not visible on a X-ray or CT scan.

The MRI provides objective proof of the soft tissue injury and the severity of the injury.  This objective proof can be used to disprove defense claims of exaggerating or faking an injury.  The MRI scan assists in preventing an underestimation of the injuries in a personal injury case.  In many cases, a soft tissue injury may not present immediate symptoms.

MRI findings help medcial professionals with the diagnosis of the injury and the prognosis for the future.  This assists personal injury attorneys in projecting future care and medical costs.

MRI scans can actually show up at trial as exhibits.  They can be put up on the screen at trial and medical testimoney can assist a jury in interpreting the MRI .

If you have been injured due to the fault of another, take the time to contact a personal injury attorney.  At Herrick & Hart, we have been on the side of the injured since 1951.  We offer a free consultation on personal injury cases.

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