Fireworks Injuries

June 2021

Fireworks are a major part of our culture and used to not only celebrate the 4th of July, but birthdays and holidays.  Although burns are a common fireworks injury, they are not the only injury caused by fireworks.  The modern fireworks of today are powerful and cause injuries to eyes, hands, fingers and other body areas.  

If a person is injured by fireworks, a person should speak with a personal injury lawyer.  There are many questions a lawyer will want to ask them about the circumstances surrounding the injury.  The attorney will want to know about the place where the injury occurred and also the source of the fireworks.  These questions may seem simple on their face but in many cases the answers become complex.  

If you are injured by fireworks, you should not delay in speaking to an attorney.  In situations where a government entity was the source of the fireworks, notice and claim limitations may apply.  The notice and claim requirements required the drafting of legal documents and should be prepared by an attorney familiar with the process.

For over 70 years, the firm of Herrick & Hart has been on the side of  the injured.  We offer a free initial consultation on personal injury cases.


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