Disclosing Too Much Information After an Accident

January 2017

Following an accident, you will talk to friends and family about the incident and your injuries.  However, an injured person should be careful about a call from an insurance company shortly after an injury.  An insurance company representative will often call and want to take a recorded statement from the injured person shortly after the accident.  If an adjuster calls from the opposing parties insurance company, you should be fully aware that this person is not on the phone to help you.  Instead, this adjuster is attempting to gather statements from you that can later be used in a court of law against you.  That is why at Herrick & Hart, we always recommend contacting an attorney shortly after an accident, so you do not make statements about your case that can harm you at a later date.

At Herrick & Hart, we have helped the injured for over 60 years.  The firm has attorneys' who specialize in the area of personal injury law.  We have also been recognized for our excellence in the field of personal injury law.  U.S. News and World Report rates Herrick & Hart a Tier 1 personal injury firm.

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