Truck Conspicuity and Lighting

January 2024

Truck collisions can occur because a driver may be unable to see a truck.  Trucks or tractor-trailer combinations may be struck by other vehicles due to their length and lower maneuverability.  In order to avoid collisions where a driver cannot see a truck, the truck's lighting and reflectors should be adequate.  Further, a truck driver should use extra care in crossing traffic lanes and making turns.

A truck with appropriate lighting and reflectors will assist a driver in perceiving the position of the truck.  Once the truck position is perceived the driver will have more time to appreciate their position in relation to the truck and take appropriate action.

Before driving, a truck driver should check their vehicle to make sure all the lights and reflectors on the truck are operable and clean.  The truck driver should be aware of poor visibility conditions and take extra care.  A truck driver should also take extra care when pulling an empty flat bed trailer, pole trailer or construction equipment trailer.

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