People Can Change Because of Lawsuits

December 2018

Lawsuits can mean much more than two sides fighting over money.  A lawsuit can get people to change their behavior.  In some instances, just the potential of a lawsuit is enough for someone to stop and think before engaging in dangerous or negligent behavior.  In other cases, once a lawsuit is started the word spreads that a type of behavior can lead to injury and eventually a lawsuit.  Once others hear of the lawsuit they will stop the behavior in order to avoid potential litigation.

An example of a way to change behavior with lawsuits is through punitive damages.  When punitive damages are allowed in drunk driving cases, the jury gets to determine if the drunk driver's conduct was willful, wanton, and malicious.  After making the determination, the jury decides a dollar figure as punishment to the drunk driver.  The punitive damages should deter the drunk driver from engaging in the conduct again. 

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