Is Car Insurance Required in Wisconsin?

July 2022

In the State of Wisconsin, the vehicle owner is required to have insurance on the vehicle they are driving.  The requirement to have insurance became effective in January, 2010.  Up until that time, a driver could legally drive a car in the State of Wisconsin without insurance.  The type of coverage that is required is liability insurance coverage.  Liability coverage applies when a driver is negligent and hurts another person.  There are many other different types of coverage that are available to a vehicle owner in addition to liability coverage.  You should have your insurance agent explain these types of coverage to you in order to make sure you have the coverage you want and can afford.

If there is a dispute over insurance coverage, you should seek experienced legal representation.  You should never go it alone with an insurance company.  Instead, you should seek experienced legal representation to help you.

If you need assistance regarding a personal injury case, consider contacting Herrick & Hart.  We have developed a strong reputation in the field of personal injury law and look forward to assisting you.

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