Livestock Collisions on the Highway

October 2016

A car collision with livestock can result in serious injury and even death.  A Wisconsin livestock owner has a common law duty of due care to make sure their livestock does not intrude on the road and the animals are properly fenced.  Wisconsin is not a free-range state.  Further a livestock owner can be held strictly liable for damages caused by a stallion that is over one year of age, a bull over six months of age, or a boar, a ram, or billy goat over four months of age.

The law regarding animal collisions can be complex.  You should not just think applying the law is going to be a simple matter.  You should also not delay after a collision in talking to a personal injury attorney.  

If you have been injured in a collision with livestock, take time to learn your legal rights.  Herrick & Hart has been representing the injured for over 60 years.  Our office is located next to the Courthouse in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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