Five Years After a Car Accident, People With Whiplash Still Suffer

May 2016

A study published in January 2016, examined the quality of life of whiplash victim's 5 years after the accident.  The study aimed to compare the quality of life and health status of those with whiplash as compared to other minor injuries.  In the study, those who had been diagnosed with a cervical contusion or a neck sprain were classified as having whiplash.  The study looked at 546 adults who had sustained an injury.  253 of the adults had sustained a whiplash injury while the others in the study has sustained another type of injury such as a ankle sprain, shoulder sprain, tendon tear, or superficial wounds or contusions.  The study concluded that 5 years after the whiplash injury, a deteriorated quality of life was specifically noted in those with a whiplash injury as compared to those with another type of injury.

At Herrick & Hart, we work with those who have whiplash injuries.  We see everyday the long term impact it has on the people we help. If you have been injured in a car accident and incurred a whiplash injury, take the time to speak with a lawyer.  The impact of the injury may turn out to be much more severe and long lasting than initially anticipated.

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