The Legal Principle of Subrogation

January 2023

A personal injury lawyer has to deal with the legal principle of subrogation everyday as part of their legal practice.  The princple of subrogation is at work in every personal injury case where medical bills are paid by an insurance company.  An insurance company has a claim that comes behind the plaintiff's claim for medical expenses they have paid.  Also, at work behind the principle of subrogation are complicated legal doctrines that must be applied before an insurance is paid back either in whole or part.  The legal language in your contract with your health insurance may also be required to be interpreted.

If you have been injured due the fault of another, you should not go it alone.  Besides having to deal with the opposing party, your own health insurance company that you would think be on your side now moves into the position of being against you.  At Herrick & Hart, we have been assisting the injured for over 70 years.  On a daily basis, we deal with health insurance companies with repsect to the right of subrogation.  For more information on personal injury cases, check out our personal injury page.

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