A Reason Not to Settle Your Case On Your Own

August 2019

If you have been hurt in an accident,  you may think you can go it alone.  However, before doing so you should stop and think about the consequences of making uninformed decisions.  A mistake that many injured people make is not understanding the insurance coverage available.  Even if the person hit you does not have insurance or inadequate insurance there still may be coverage available under your own policy.  However, this coverage will be set out in insurance friendly terms in your own insurance policy.  Further, to claim this additional coverage you may need to comply with steps found in the policy that are difficult for a lay person to understand.

That is why at Herrick & Hart we always recommend getting an attorney to help you with your injury case.  We can help you determine if coverage is available for your injury.

Herrick & Hart has been helping the injured since 1951.  We offer a free consultation on personal injury cases.  If you have been injured, feel free to call and set up an appointment.

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