Fibromyalgia from a Car Collision

January 2021

Medical science has shown that fibromyalgia can be caused from the traumatic injury that comes from a car collision.  Fibromyalgia that is caused by trauma is called posttraumatic fibromyalgia.  Fibromyalgia is known as a disease of amplified pain.  Fibromyalgia does not cause the destruction of pain pathways in the body.  Instead, fibromyalgia causes chronic changes along the pain pathways of the body which results in chronic pain.  The result of fibromyalgia is often severe generalized pain in the body.   The pain signals from fibromyalgia can be varied from burning, swelling, tingling or itching on one side of the ledger up to stabbing and throbbing on the other side of the ledger.

If the trauma from a car collision has caused you or a loved one to develop fibromyalgia, take the time to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney.  Herrick & Hart has been on the side of the injured since 1951.  We offer a free consultation on personal injury cases.

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