Seeking Medical Attention After a Car Collision

October 2021

Many involved in a car collision initially underestimate the severity of their injuries.  Far too many refuse medical attention at the collision scene and refuse to be taken away by ambulance.  At the collision scene, a person will be dealing with the initial shock of the collision and have adrenaline flowing in their system which can mask the pain of injury symptoms.  If you are hurt and you do not seek treatment at the scene, the defendant's insurance company may use this against you.  Often times in depositions, plaintiffs are questioned about their failure to seek medical attention at the scene even though their injuries are later diagnosed to be severe.

IF you have been injured in a car collision, take the time to contact Herrick & Hart.  We have been on the side of the injured for over 70 years.  We have the experience to assist you through the complicated process that follows being in a car collision.

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