Concussion Symptoms You May Not Expect

May 2024

A concussion is a serious head injury.  Some of the common symptoms of concussions include short-term memory deficits, difficulty focusing, difficutly concentrating, fatigue, photophbia (light sensitivity), phonophobia (sound sensitivity), sleep difficulty and balance issues.  In addition to the symptoms set out, there are lesser known effects that can occur following a concussion. 

The lesser known effects include feeling light-headed, fainting spells and increased bouts with a runny nose and flus and colds. The neuroinflammation that comes from a concussion can compromise the immune system.  Further research is being done on whether a concussion can cause a person's blood pressure to rise and fall.  Additionally, reserach is being conducted on a concussion's impact on the ability to regulate body temperature.  

At Herrick & Hart, we assist those who have had concussions on a daily basis.  A concussion is a common injury in car accidents and premises liabilty cases.  We offer a free consultation on personal injury cases.

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