Rear-End Collisions

August 2016

In the United States, there are about 1.7 million rear-end crashes each year.  As cities continue to grow and traffic increases, the amount of rear-end crashes can only be expected to grow.  A rear-end collision can be deceptively dangerous.  Even a low impact rear-end collision can cause injury that can last a lifetime.  A person injured in a rear-end collision can still face unreasonable and obstinate resistance from the opposing insurance company even when liability is clear.  Many of those injured do not realize before contacting an attorney for help, that the opposing insurance adjuster is not out to help them.

If you have been injured in a rear-end collision, you should not go it alone.  At Herrick & Hart, we have talented lawyers that are committed to working with you individually on your claim.  Please contact us to schedule a free consultation regarding your personal injury claim.

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