Rollover Injuries

August 2017

Sport utility vehicles (SUV) remain popular on the roadways.  However, a SUV has a higher center of gravity than a passenger vehicle.  Although rollovers are not as common as other types of car collisions, they can cause serious injuries because the occupants of the vehicle are tossed around and turned over.  A rollover can be caused by many factors.  Some of the common factors include inadequate road signage, poor design of the highway, excessive speed, poor design of the vehicle and inattentive driving. 

At Herrick & Hart, we are fully award of the hardship and loss that can be suffered as the result of a rollover accident.  If you are injured in a rollover collision, you will want an experienced personal injury attorney to examine the facts of your case.  We have been assisting the injured for over 65 years.  We offer a free consultation on matters involving a personal injury.  Our office is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, right next to the Eau Claire County Courthouse.  

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