Victim of a Drunk Driver

December 2019

At Herrick & Hart, we are called upon often to assist the victims of drunk drivers.  Drunk drivers still remain a great danger on the roads and cause many injuries and deaths each year.  As the victim of a drunk driver, you will be pulled into two different legal processes.  The first is the criminal process where you will be the victim.  Under Wisconsin law, certain rights apply to you under the victim rights statue.  The other process is the civil process.  In this process, you will be a plaintiff seeking to obtain just compensation for your injuries.  With respect to each legal process in which you are involved, Herrick & Hart can provide assistance.  In certain cases, punitive damages may be sought in the civil case against a drunk driver.

If you have been injured by a drunk driver, you should seek the assistance of Herrick & Hart.  We offer a free consultation on personal injury cases.  We have been helping the injured for over 65 years.  We look forward for the opportunity to serve you.

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