Personal Injury and Property Damage from a Fire

October 2022

After a fire, the firefighters and insurance companies involved will want to know why the fire started.  This is called an origin and cause investigation.  The determination of how the fire started will have a great impact on the legal right's of the victims of the fire.  Once the origin of the fire is determined then responsibility can be assessed to the appropriate parties.

At Herrick & Hart, we often work with cases involving those impacted by fire damage.  This damage can be for personal injuries like burns and scalds.  The personal injuries caused by a fire can be aggravated by the lack of a fire escape, exit lights, smoke detectors and the lack of fire extinguishers.

 The property damage can be varied and can include structural damage and well as damage to personal property.  Damage to livestock is a common damage when a barn burns down.

If you have incurred either personal or property damage due to a fire, you should consider contacting Herrick & Hart.  We assist those who have been damaged by fire caused by the negligence of others.  We have been in business for over 70years and look forward to serving you.

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