Truck Driver Fatigue Puts Those on the Road at Risk

June 2022

A tired truck driver is a danger to fellow travelers on the road.  A trucking company may put pressure on a driver to get their goods quickly to a destination.  A trucking company may also exert influence over a trucker to ignore rules to cover more ground.  A driver may also have become fatigued due to a medical condition or medication.  A tired truck is more likely to have slow reaction time, drift into other lanes,  be forgetful and make poor decisions.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has rules that regulate the interstate trucking industry.  One section of the rules deals with the "hours-of-service" that a truck driver is allowed to work.  A truck driver is required to keep a log book to show what hours they have been at work and have been at rest.

A person injured by a fatigued truck should seek legal representation.  Due to the multi-state component of trucking, a trucking case can be more complicated than a car collision.  You should seek experienced legal representation to guide you along the way.  For more information, feel free to contact Herrick & Hart for a free consultation.

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