How Do Legal Rules Influence Behavior?

May 2019

The classical ambition of legal regulation is to change or deter behavior.  A personal injury suit is a private action on a person's part to enforce the law.  The fear of hurting someone and being involved in a lawsuit should serve as a deterrent to negligent behavior.

In recent times, we have seen how changes in the law have made people safer.  The advent of mandatory seat belt laws has led to fewer deaths and catastrophic injuries on the roadways.  The mandatory use of car seats for children has led to fewer injuries for children involved in car crashes.  The tough enforcement of operating while intoxicated laws which include mandatory jail time has made the roadways safer from drunk drivers.

At Herrick & Hart, we stand for the injured.  Since 1951, we have been working to help people prosecute their rights under the law.  When a person starts a lawsuit, they are putting into use one of their right's as a citizen.  We can help explain to an injured person about their right to start a lawsuit.  We can also assist them through the complicated civil litigation process.

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