Making the Call to a Personal Injury Lawyer

November 2023

After an injury, a person may have questions on whether to call a personal injury lawyer.  The lawyer a person chooses can have a great impact on the compensation a person receives for their injury. A person should take the time to research their lawyer.  A person will want someone to take on their case who has experience and just does not do a lot of advertising.

When you call Herrick & Hart, you will talk to a lawyer.  You will not have your case evaluated by someone else who is not a lawyer before you are called back.  If you are unable to travel, a lawyer from Herrick & Hart can travel to meet you at your request.  This meeting with the lawyer leads to peace of mind for the injured person.  You should also keep in mind that the initial consultation is free on a personal injury case.  You have no obligation to hire Herrick & Hart.

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