Bicycles Will Be Back on the Road Soon

March 2022

Spring is not too far into our future.  With the advent of spring, bicycles will be back on the roadways.  Here are some facts about the law of riding bicycles in the State of Wisconsin.

-  A bicycle is defined as a vehicle.  Wis. Stat. 340.01(5)

-  A bicycle should ride on the right side of the road in the same direction as other traffic.  Wis. Stat. 346.80(2)(a)  

-  A bicycle may be ridden on the shoulder of a highway unless prohibited by local authorities.  Wis. Stat. 386.04(1m)

-  A person on a bicycle is required to use the same hand signals as that of a motorist.  Wis. Stat. 346.35  A hand signal is required to be used within 50 feet of your turn.

These are just a few of the common rules regarding the use of bicycles.  For more rules on bicycle riding, be sure to consult the Wisconsin Statutes and your local ordinances.


If you have been injured while riding a bicycle due to the negligence of another, make sure to consult an attorney.  An attorney can give you advice on your legal rights'  following an accident.  At Herrick & Hart, we have been helping the injured for over 70 years.  We offer a free consultation on personal injury cases.

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