Vertigo from a Car Collision

September 2022

Cervicogenic dizziness, commonly referred to as vertigo, can follow as one of many injuries caused in a car collision.  Damage to the neck region is often the cause of vertigo.   Vertigo causes a sensation that makes a person feel like the floor is wobbly or the room is spinning. People with vertigo describe themselves as being pulled one way or another.  Nerves located in a person's spine allow a person to navigate in the dark or with their eyes shut.  These nerves are integral to a person's ability to balance.  When the neck reason is injured, nerves can be damaged.  Dizziness is a common condition that can result from vertigo after a car collision.  


At Herrick & Hart, we have experience assisting those injured in a car collision obtain just compensation for experiencing vertigo.  If you have been injured in a car collision, take the time to contact Herrick & Hart.   We have been on the side of the injured for over 70 years and have earned our clients' trust and respect and feel free to take the time to check out our review page.

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