Ways Roundabouts Reduce the Number and Severity of Collisions

June 2024

Roundabouts have been shown to reduce collsions and the severity of collisions.  One way that a roundabout reduces collisions is by reducing speeds.  As a driver approaches a roundabout, they are required to slow down before entering.  The slower speed allows for more time for a driver to react.  A roundabout also reduces the numbers of conflict points where vehicles can collide.  With fewer conflict points, the opportunity for vehicles to collide is reduced.  In addition to fewer conflict points, the traffic only flows in one direction in a roundabout.  The traffic flow in one direction eliminates the risk of high-speed right angle collisions that are common in intersections.  With the traffic moving in the same direction, the amount of rear-end collsions is further reduced.  The likelihood of rear-end collisions is reduced as compared to signalized interesections where sudden stops are common.  With the traffic moving in a circle, the angle of impact is typically more glancing.  The glancing collisions result in less severe personal injury and property damage.

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