What If I Have Already Started Work on My Case Myself?

January 2019

If you have started to work on your personal injury case yourself, you can still contact a lawyer.  At Herrick & Hart,  we see injured persons who often think that they can go it alone.  However, after they begin the complex process of putting together a personal injury case they realize the need for experienced legal advice.   A person who goes it alone is going against an insurance company which has tremendous resources and keen knowledge of the process.  The injured person soon realizes the the insurance adjuster on the phone is not their friend but is trying to get them to settle quickly and trick them into making admissions.  The injured person realizes that when the medical bills start to pile up the system is complicated they need someone they can trust to help them sort it out.

If you thought you could go it alone and realized it was not the right choice, take the time to call an experienced personal injury attorney today.  For over 65 years, Herrick & Hart has been assisting the injured.  You should not feel any embarrassment for taking the time to talk to a personal injury attorney.

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