Collaborating with Herrick & Hart

November 2017

A practicing attorney sometimes finds themselves outside the scope of their practice. This happens often if you have a client who you have helped for an extended period of time.  In other situations, an attorney finds themselves without the time they need to dedicate to a certain matter.  If you find yourself outside the scope of your practice or lacking the time that you need, think of contacting Herrick & Hart.

At Herrick & Hart, we are happy to assist attorneys who find themselves with clients whose needs require additional expertise.   One of our great strength's is personal injury cases.  For personal injury cases, we work to comply with all ethical rules that may pertain to the referral relationship.

When you refer a case to Herrick & Hart, you are referring a case to a firm that has stood the test of time for over 65 years.  We are dedicated to the practice of law and our community.  

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