Speed Limits are Important

May 2024

Speed limits are crucial for those traveling on the road to ensure safety and reduce the risk of crashes, injuries and fatalies.  Lower speeds allow increased reaction time for drivers.  With more reaction time, a driver has additional time to react to hazards, obstacles and changing road conditions.  Further, a vehicle traveling at a lower speed requires a shorter stopping distance.  A shorter stopping distance reduces the liklihood of rear-end crashes.  A lower speed limit also reduces the severity of crashes.  With lower speeds, the risk of serious injuries and fatalities are reduced.  In addition to more reaction time, a lower speed also improves the driver's field of vision when operating a vehicle.  Overall, speed limits also create a more uniform traffic flow and reduce the dangerous acceleration and deceleration manuevers that can lead to crashes.

If you have been injured by someone going over the speed limit, take the time to find experienced legal counsel.  At Herrick & Hart we have been on the side of the injued since 1951.  We have assisted many injured persons who have been hurt by those not following the speed limit.

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