The Insurance Company is Watching Your Social Media Accounts

September 2017

Social media has now been in use for a number of years.  After you have been injured, you can expect the opposing insurance company to check your social media accounts.  The opposing adjusters will be checking social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook looking to find evidence of fraud.  They will also be looking for any information that will help them to devalue your injury claim.  They may also look at your social media accounts to find out who you have for friends or connections.  Then they will check those accounts searching for information about you to discredit your injury claim.  A photograph that shows an injured person in rigorous activity can be used to dispute an injury claim.

Insurance adjusters have been trained to investigate the injured person's social media accounts.  They are trained to sift through information on the internet and find whatever can help them.

An injured person needs to be careful as to what they post on social media accounts.  Before posting anything, an injured person should consult with an attorney.  

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