A Car Crash Can Cost Financially

December 2016

A car crash costs a person financially when it comes time to repair a vehicle.  At that point, the person involved in the crash learns much about their own insurance policy or the policy of the other driver.  However, the major damage from a car collision is the human loss. This human loss is much more valuable and significant than mere property damage.  A car can be repaired or replaced.  A human being is much more valuable than any vehicle.  A permanent injury can never fully repaired.

At Herrick & Hart, we take the time to value the human loss.  We take time to ask the injured about the impact that the injury has had on their life.  With our experience we are able to present to the insurance adjuster or opposing attorney, a much more complete picture of the injury that was caused by the collision,

For over 60 years, Herrick & Hart has been working for the injured.  We assist the injured in asserting their rights to full compensation.  For a free consultation, feel free to contact us today.

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