Wisconsin Lawsuit Rules Change

August 2018

Recent changes were made to the discovery rules for lawsuits in Wisconsin.  A general cap is now in place that allows only 10 depositions per side in a lawsuit.  The parties to a lawsuit are allowed to stipulate to allow more depositions to be taken.   The court presiding over the lawsuit can also order that more depositions are allowed as well.  The length of each deposition is limited to seven hours.  Prior to these changes, there was no limit on the number of depositions and no limit as to the amount of time a deposition might take.

The number of interrogatories has also been limited.  Interrogatories are written questions that the parties to a lawsuit serve upon on another.  The number is now limited to 25 interrogatories.  Prior to the change, the number of interrogatories was unlimited.

At Herrick & Hart, we deal with lawsuits everyday and need to stay abreast of the changes to the discovery procedure.  These changes will impact the personal injury lawsuits that we work on.  The rules involved with lawsuits are complicated and you should never go it alone. 

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