Wisconsin Law on the Negligence of a Child

April 2016

A child does not have the same ability to judge a situation that an adult possesses.  Therefore, the law does not hold a child to the same expectations of an adult.  At the same time, we do expect children to behave in an age appropriate manner.  In Wisconsin, a statute sets forth that a child under the age of 7 years old is not capable of being negligent.  Wis. Stat. 891.44. Beyond the age of 7 years, a child can be considered negligent, but the standards to which the conduct of the child is compared vary.  It would be unfair to hold an 8 year old child to the standard of care expected of an adult.  As a child develops and they grow in size and knowledge they are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.   However, a finder of fact needs to keep in mind that no all children develop equally.

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